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Kaley Cuoco wants more kids…READ MORE….

  • ‘The Big Bang Theory’ star, 37, made the declaration just five weeks after the couple welcomed their first child – a daughter named Matilda – together during an appearance on the ‘Smartless’ podcast with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes.When asked if she wants to have any more kids, Kaley revealed: “Yeah we do … “
    She also opened up about being a new mum, explaining she’s incredibly grateful to her Tom’s mum and her own mother for stepping in to help out during the first few weeks.


Kaley said: “She’s [Matilda] pretty awesome. I’m not going to lie we have some very nice help – I feel guilty even saying it – I feel our relationship has survived because we have all this help … My mum is the best, so is Tom’s mum. They come in, they help, they don’t overstep .. we’re just really lucky.”During the podcast, Kaley also credited Jason with helping bring the couple together because they met at the premiere of his TV show ‘Ozark’ – which also features Tom, 40.

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She explained: “Tom Pelphrey is my guy … We have the same manager and she … had said I want to set you up with someone … I was going to New York to promote [TV show] ‘Flight Attendant’ … so she decided to come with me to New York and said: ‘I’m going to go to the ‘Ozark’ premiere do you want to come with me?’



” I didn’t want to go and I went with her and got all dolled up. I knew I would meet him but it didn’t occur to me about anything else. I was waiting in line at the restroom and I overheard – he’s got a very sexy voice – and I heard him say to my manager ‘where is this Kaley’ … I saw him and it was like this very strange [moment] like the world kind of stopped and he gave me a big bear hug … ”

Kaley Cuoco posts adorable photos for boyfriend Tom Pelphrey's 1st Father's  Day with baby Matilda - Good Morning America


She added of Tom: “We’ve been together for one year. We got pregnant two months in. We have a baby. We were like, boom, boom, boom. We’re in sync … You know, we’re not 20 anymore — we were like: ‘We doing this or not?’ … “


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