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Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci, Hollywood’s surprise new couple enjoy Paris__Flaunting their love in Paris

The movie industry is a nest of long-lived, fleeting and unexpected love affairs. The relationship that has formed between Monica Bellucci, 58, and Tim Burton, 64, corresponds to this last group.

Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci, Hollywood's surprise new couple enjoy Paris


Monica Belluci and Tim Burton are two of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood and everything suggests that their relationship may have started a few months ago, but now they are no longer hiding and have demonstrated it in the streets of the French capital.


According to Paris Match, the newly formed couple met on the steps of the Palais des Festival de Cannes in 2006. An intense encounter despite its short duration. Now, 16 years later, the chemistry they both discovered at the time appears to have materialized in a more formal sentimental bond.


Now, last October 2022, another French festival was the place where they met again and where they both fell in love. It was the Lumiere Festival, held last October in Lyon where Monica Bellucci presented an award to Burton and the connection between the two was palpable.



Monica Bellucci: “You either love or you don’t” The sentimental life of both has been at a standstill for several years. Monica Bellucci has had no partner since last 2019, when she separated from Nicolas Lefebvre. Speaking to Paris Match back in 2011, she described her approach to love as being based on feeling over reason.

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“I am carried by the moment and instinct. No rationality, only emotions. You love or you don’t,” said Bellucci. “You don’t decide sitting around a table: OK, so I have two kids, 16 years of life as a couple, that would be nice if it lasts, but how I am going to make it work?” On the film director’s side, he separated from Helena Bonham-Carter, mother of his children, in 2014.

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Burton was also married to Lena Gieseke and, previously, maintained a relationship with the late Lisa Marie Presley. With his wife Bonham-Carter he had two children, a boy named Billy-Ray Burton, born in October 2003 and Nell, a girl born on December 15, 2007.


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