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Serena Williams vs Maria Sharapova Salary Comparison: Which Tennis Legend is Richer?

Maria Sharapova vs Serena Williams has been an evergreen debate in the world of tennis. It all started when Maria Sharapova first defeated Williams at Wimbledon, in 2004. Ever since then these two tennis legends have been in comparison for everything they do. In this article, we are going into an in-depth comparison of salaries between the two.

Maria Sharapova-Serena Williams


While fans and ardent followers of the sport compare the two on the lines of matches they’ve played and their rankings, the market doesn’t really care who has more credentials. The one who sells more gets more endorsements because green is what matters in the end.


Some have been quick to point out this “disparity” and there has been an ongoing debate on the same. Serena when asked to comment on the topic by The New York Times Magazine, said, “If they want to market someone who is white and blond, that’s their choice. I have a lot of partners who are very happy to work with me. I can’t sit here and say I should be higher on the list because I have won more. I’m happy for her, because she worked hard, too.”


Maria Sharapova


Let’s get into more detailed reports of the numbers.How much money has Maria Sharapova earned in her career?
The 5 times grand slam Russian champion is not just a force on the court but also an icon off the court. According to Forbes, she has been the highest-paid female tennis player ahead of Serena Williams for 11 years straight. While Williams has earned more prize money than Sharapova, Maria has still managed to earn almost the same as Williams.




Sharapova has invested in a high-end skincare brand, Supergoop, which made her a profit of $750 Million. She also launched a candy brand Sugarpova with an investment of $500,000. Sugarpova now makes over $20 million annually. Because the Russian is the sole owner of the company, a huge chunk of profit goes into her account.




Maria Shrapova’s Sugarpova and Supergoop (Credits:- confectionerynews, thelagirl)
Beyond her smart investments, Maria has had big-money brands like Porche, Tag Heuer, and Evian sponsor and endorse her through which she earns an estimated $9.5 million per year. She earned a total of $38,777,962 during her playing career in prize money. According to Forbes, now Sharapova’s estimated net worth is $220 Million.

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What is Serena Williams’ net worth?
The twenty-three-time grand slam winner and 4 times Olympic champion Serena Williams is one of the highest-paid female athletes in the world. The American has dominated the charts and stayed at the top for the longest time. The now retired 41-year-old player is a legend and a pop culture icon.


Serena Williams


Serena Williams
Serena Williams (Credits:- nytimes, sportsillustrated)

The majority of the wealth she has earned from her tennis career is because of her spectacular game. Her current net worth in 2023 is $260 Million according to a report. According to WTA, Williams has earned $94,518,971 as career prize money til the end of the year 2021.




Apart from her earnings from her professional career, she earns a chunk from other investments, endorsements, and her own clothing line ‘S’ by Serena as well. She has also established a venture capitalist firm ‘Serena Ventures’.

She is the brand ambassador for brands like Aston Martin, Beats by Dre headphones, Delta Air, Pepsi, Gatorade, etc. She has also tried her hand at acting and has done various acting roles and cameos. Her eight-year deal with the sporting brand Nike has earned her $55 Million.




Who had more accomplishments between Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams?
While Williams has held the spot of World No. 1 for 247 weeks, Sharapova has been World No. 1 for 21 weeks in the span of their entire career. Sharapova has 5 grand slam titles and 35 career titles under her name, whereas Williams has 23 grand slam titles and 67 career titles.

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Maria Sharapova-Serena Williams
Maria Sharapova Vs Serena Williams (Credits:- bleacher report)

While on the court, the numbers are higher in the Williams’ scoreboard with career achievements that are penned down in history, off the court Maria Sharapova is not far behind the American prodigy. At the end of the day, both of world.

these women are the highest-paid women athletes and an idol to people all over the


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