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Monica Bellucci at Lumière Festival: Beauty Only Lasts Five Minutes If There’s Nothing Behind

Monica Bellucci was among the guests of honor at the 14th edition of the Lumière Film Festival in Lyon, where the Paris-based Italian icon discussed her latest film, “The Girl in the Fountain,” and looked back on her career.

Monica Belluci Arrives at Festival Lumiere
Monica Belluci Arrives at Festival Lumiere


In “The Girl in the Fountain,” which alternates archival footage of Hollywood icon Anita Ekberg with the story of Bellucci, the Italian actress retraces Ekberg’s frailties and choices, reflecting on what it feels like to be an icon.


The Swedish-born star was immortalized in Federico Fellini’s film, which sees her character wade into the Trevi fountain followed by Marcello Mastroianni.

Monica Bellucci Hasn't Changed One Bit Since The 1990s | British Vogue
Monica Bellucci Hasn’t Changed One Bit Since The 1990s | British Vogue


“Through my eyes, you find out who this actress was, and it’s a piece of Italian history that we’re telling. But ‘La Dolce Vita’ isn’t just about post-war Italy – it has an international reach.


At the time, there was so much creativity, there were so many great filmmakers – Fellini,…Rossellini, Visconti, De Sica – it’s a part of the history of cinema,” she said.


Bellucci likened Ekberg’s arrival in Italy to a “tornado” – “this blonde, sexy, free woman, with a convertible car and her own house, in a country where a woman’s place was still in the kitchen…. It was a massive cultural contrast, which was scary for some.


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