Kelly Clarkson cried so hard before her divorce from Brandon Blackstock

Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson is trying to move on. The 41-year-old American Idol winner went through a public divorce from her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. Clarkson and Blackstock’s split was a shocker because the two seemed like a perfect fit.But behind the scenes, things weren’t as peachy as they seemed.


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Kelly Clarkson admitted she cried so hard before her split from her ex-husband
Clarkson and Blackstock announced their divorce in June 2020, and like many celebrity splits, this one wasn’t amicable. The couple fought over custody of their kids River and Remy along with financial and property assets.




After a long legal battle, the couple finally reached a settlement. Clarkson received primary custody of the children, and Blackstock was allowed monthly visitations. Blackstock also received a lump sum of $1.3 million from Clarkson and $115,000 in spousal support.

While the couple has settled their legal issues, the emotional pain from their divorce still haunts Clarkson. In a recent interview with Apple Music 1, the singer revealed she was an emotional wreck prior to filing for divorce.

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“Just to be brutally honest, I did not handle it well. I had many sessions with just my friends where I couldn’t even speak. I was crying so hard even before separating. There were just a lot of now unhealthy habits you recognize or habits that you recognize that you didn’t see before. Hindsight is a lot easier.”

One way Clarkson has coped with her divorce is through music. The singer’s split from Blackstock helped inspire the tracklist for her latest album Chemistry, released on June 23, 2023.

Songs like Favorite Kind of High and Red Flag Collector showcase the highs and lows of Clarkson’s relationship with her ex-husband. But the star made sure to let Blackstock know the focus of the album would be on their relationship. In an interview with Today, Clarkson said they had a discussion about the album.

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“We did have a little text exchange about it. I don’t even remember why or how it happened, but I was like, ‘Hey, I didn’t just diminish us down to one thing.’ You know what I’m saying? It’s all in there, the ride. The beauty is in there, as well. Now, there’s a lot of pain, but that’s what happens, for all of us.”

While Clarkson seems to have her ex-husband’s support for the album, the singer doesn’t think he’ll be listening to it.


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