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Salma Hayek Is “Awesome Stunning” In Bikinis

Salma Hayek took to Instagram yesterday to wish director Robert Rodriguez a happy birthday, as posted a throwback video from three of the movies they worked together in. “From Dusk till Dawn” propelled Hayek into sex symbol territory, featuring the famous “snake dance” where the then 29-year-old wore an ornamental bikini and danced with a python, before pouring champagne down her leg for Quentin Tarantino to drink from!

Salma Hayek in a still from "From Dusk till Dawn."



The other two movies were “Desperado” where Hayek looked stunning, paired with a hunky Antonio Banderas as ‘El Mariachi’, with its sequel “Once Upon a Time In Mexico.”


Salma Hayek Pinault Kicks Off 2021 with a Sexy Bikini Photo

Hayek’s birthday post for Rodriguez features a video montage of all three movies as she wrote, “Robert, you have always been and always will be family to my family. I’m forever grateful to you. Happy Birthday. P.S.: also thank you for writing my husband’s favorite song.”




Fans were quick to appreciate Salma’s classic beauty, writing:“Salma has always had the best body and skin tone… Ty for making the brown girls proud!”“From Dusk to Dawn” has two prequels with actresses who have wanted to imitate you even in sensuality, but failed. You are unique, Salma.”


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