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Maria Sharapova’s Neck Tattoo: Deeper illustration Behind Sharapova’s Unique Art

Maria Sharapova, the Russian tennis beauty who has now retired has certainly left a deep ingrained mark behind her. She is a legend and a tennis icon, one of the most successful and recognizable women tennis players of her era. Her fierce, powerful and competitive personality along with her never-give-up spirit is what makes her a fanfavorite. Read about Maria Sharapova‘s tattoo and what it means.

Maria Sharapova’s Mysterious Neck Tattoo: Deeper Meaning Behind Sharapova’s Unique Art

Sharapova, winner of 5 major titles, turned pro in 2001. She won her first major title in 2004 defeating the defending champion Serena Williams in straight sets. Defeating Williams made her the third-youngest female tennis player to win the title in the history of Wimbledon. She defeated Williams for the second and the last time the same year in the WTA Finals.

Maria Sharapova defeats Serena Williams in 2004 at Wimbledon

Maria Sharapova vs Serena Williams, Wimbledon 2004

Sharapova went on to win 4 grand slams since then. Beyond her major titles, she secured rankings in the WTA various times including the top spot.

Other than her stellar career, the 36-year-old has gained the limelight several times off the court. Involved with various philanthropic initiatives, she established the Maria Sharapova Foundation. According to Carhp her glamorous lifestyle includes a collection of luxurious cars and estates. Her tattoo “जीत” was one of those times when she gained the limelight for something she did off the court. When the first time it was noticed, it became the talk of the town.


Maria Shrapova's Tattoo



The Meaning of Maria Sharapova’s Tattoo
While tattoos generally may represent art, Sharapova’s tattoo represents her resilient personality and became a way of self-expression. While constantly reminding us of her personality, her tattoo also contributed to the cultural aspect of tennis. A tattoo that is so unique, it represents victory both on and off the court in all aspects of her life.

Maria Sharapova And Her Tattoo | Pixstory


The tattoo which is situated on the back of her neck is a Hindi word synonymous with the word “victory” or “victorious”.


The word “जीत”, is a Hindi word that means “victory” by definition. It is a word that elicits a sense of accomplishment, triumph, achievement, and battle. In the world of sports, “victory” is the bible for everyone. Victory is what showcases not only a player’s attitude but also their style and personality.




Victory is not just winning a match. Players go through hardships and battles every day, whether it is a physical injury, a mentally restraining game, or a match with a player who may be better than them in some or various aspects. Coming out of these hardships and battles with a triumph every time is what makes the players world-class.

The tattoo is ideal for a player as resilient as Maria Sharapova, who sports a never-give-up attitude. It is synonymous with what the Russian player stands for. For someone who is at the level where Sharapova is, victory is their holy grail, and getting a tattoo of the word shows just how powerful and hardworking Sharapova is.


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