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“We did the scene with very many clothes, then less clothes”: Monica Bellucci Kissed Keanu Reeves 50 Times After Calling John Wick Star a Great Kisser

Keanu Reeves has established himself as an everlasting figure in the film industry thanks to his powerful presence and captivating performances. The world of Hollywood has witnessed certain on-screen pairings that ignite a passionate spark, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

Monica Bellucci Kissed Keanu Reeves 50 Times After Calling John Wick Star a Great Kisser


One such dynamic duo is Monica Bellucci and Reeves, whose mesmerizing chemistry has set the screen ablaze. However, it is worth noting that while many actresses embrace the opportunity to share a kiss with the actor some may find themselves overwhelmed by the experience. Monica Bellucci Engaged In 50 On-Screen Kisses With Keanu Reeves.

Monica Bellucci And Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has secured his reputation as an iconic character in the world of film, thanks to his ground-breaking portrayal of the time-traveling slacker in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and his memorable portrayal of the stoic assassin in the John Wick series.

Monica Bellucci - IMDb

Alongside his impressive acting skills, Reeves has also earned a reputation as a great kisser. In the world of on-screen chemistry, few pairs have matched the captivating charm of Monica Bellucci and The Matrix star.

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Their performances have left audiences fascinated, but it was their steamy on-screen kisses that truly ignited sparks. The 58-year-old experienced the pleasure of locking lips with him in Reloaded, where she revealed that the experience was far from painful.

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The duo spent two days meticulously shooting a single kissing scene, the actress explained, However, Bellucci is not the only actress to have engaged in such intimate scenes with Reeves; many embrace the chance, while others may find themselves overwhelmed by the encounter.


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