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Kelly Clarkson’s announces shocking divorce confession and got people saying the same thing

  • In a heartfelt interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 on Wednesday, June 21, the 41-year-old host of The Kelly Clarkson Show acknowledged the rawness of her emotional journey.“I don’t know how people get through anything like that because I’m not going to say I did it gracefully. Behind closed doors by myself, it was not,” confessed Clarkson. She continued, “Just to be brutally honest, I did not handle it well. I had many sessions with just my friends [where] I couldn’t even speak. I was crying so hard, even before separating.”



The former American Idol winner further shared how, looking back, she has recognised unhealthy habits that had remained unnoticed at the time. “There were just a lot of now unhealthy habits you recognize or habits that you recognize that you didn’t see before. Hindsight is a lot easier,” she reflected.



Kelly and Brandon, the 46-year-old music manager with whom she shares two children, River Rose, 9, and Remington, 7, tied the knot in 2013. However, their marital journey hit a crossroad in 2020, when Kelly filed for divorce.The dissolution of their marriage, finalised two years later, was not without its share of legal tussles over marital assets, including Clarkson’s Montana residence and the custody of their children.

kelly clarkson brandon blackstock grammys 2013



Kelly was ultimately awarded primary custody, with Blackstock being granted monthly visitations. As part of the divorce agreement, Clarkson also conceded to pay Blackstock a lump sum of $1.3 million and monthly spousal support of $115,000 until January 2024.Amidst the emotional upheaval, the Miss Independent songstress found solace in her music, with her upcoming album, Chemistry, featuring numerous tracks echoing her heartbreak.




Reflecting on her journey towards healing, she noted: “I don’t know that there’s one moment. I think it’s gradual.”She opened up about one of her new songs, Skip This Part, revealing that it was a reflection of her desire to fast forward through the pain of her crumbling relationship.


Kelly with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock and their three children


“I literally said to my therapist [before we were separated], ‘We’re trying to figure it out. I desperately want to make this happen,’ but I think I knew in my heart it just wasn’t going to,” she confessed.Offering an honest insight into her healing journey, she shared a piece of advice from her therapist that significantly impacted her: “You don’t have to attend every argument that you’re invited to.” These profound words provided Kelly with a powerful coping mechanism during her difficult times.


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