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Jennifer Lopez shows off true self to husband after buying millions dollar asset

  1. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly fighting over monetary issues amid their “rocky and superficial” marriage.
  2. According to Closer Magazine, the Mother star gets to “call the shots” in their marriage to remind the Air director that “she is the boss.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Out-Adorable Themselves on the Red Carpet |  Glamour

Ever since the duo bought the $49million mansion in Los Angeles, they have been clashing over money despite putting a loved-up display whenever they make a public appearance.Talking about their new property, an insider close to the pair said Lopez had “paid for most of it,” in regards to their new pad.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Were Reportedly Vacationing in Montana  Together | Glamour

“Jen’s paid for most if not all of it, saying it was the small price to pay for their future happiness,” the source said, before adding, “If it means it gets her off the hook for having all of the expensive cars, the hired help, day-to-day outgoings on personal trainers, beauty treatments, chefs and fancy yachts then she’s OK with fronting the money.”Especially as she gets to call the shots and remind Ben that she’s the boss,” the insider shared.Another source split to the outlet that spending has become one of the “big issues” for the couple ever since they started managing their blended brood.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Complete Relationship Timeline

“Ben has been moaning for a while now that he can’t keep up with Jen’s spending and nor should he have to – it’s one of their big issues,” the insider said.”He’s always enjoyed spoiling himself, but she takes it to a whole new level. It’s ironic that she made this big thing out of tying the knot at a low-key event.


“The reality was that, almost right away, she was rolling out the mega yachts, buying fleets of cars and insisting on this A-list couple lifestyle, and Ben didn’t have any say in the matter.”Their friends think it’s pretty sad that she needs to essentially buy her way back into his affections, and that it says a lot about how rocky and superficial things are between them right now?”


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