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SEXY SECRET From Heather Graham to JLo and Gwen Stefani, these stunning celebs are all members of a VERY exclusive club

She wowed fans this week by sharing a picture in a tiny white bikini – and looking pretty much the same age as when she starred in Boogie Nights in 1997. Heather says her glowing skin and toned physique are down to a gruelling workout routine, avoiding sugar and alcohol and getting a whopping 12 hours sleep a night.

Gwen said: 'I just want to look as good as I can at any age, like we all do'


But she’s not the only woman in the Fab At 53 Club. Hayley Minn reveals the other celebs who are looking better than ever at 53 . . . J-Lo said in 2020: “I haven’t ever had Botox to this day. “I’m not that person. “I don’t have anything against people doing that, it’s just not my thing.

Gwen Stefani Isn't Ruling Out a No Doubt Reunion - WSJ


“I’m more about a natural approach to skincare.” SHE barely looks to have aged since bursting into the charts with No Doubt in 1996. But the singer admitted that ageing was the catalyst for launching her beauty brand GXVE last year.

Gwen Stefani faces criticism over 'I'm Japanese' comment in Allure magazine  interview | CNN


Gwen said: “I just want to look as good as I can at any age, like we all do, and share that quality make-up truly does make a big difference in how you feel.” She’s always been known for her red lipstick, but she now mixes it up a bit more, trying things “she didn’t think suited her a decade ago”. She explained: “It’s just one of those things when you age, and your face constantly changes – you try new ways to look different, and look the best you can.”


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